One Might As Well Try

Many of you may already know, but I used to be a member of a social networking site called Dailybooth. The site’s premise was relatively simple: upload a picture of yourself everyday and write a small blurb about what you’ve been up to, or what’s on your mind. Despite being very simple in it’s vision it built a considerable community of quite dedicated Boothers. Many of these people broke over 1000 booths (which a few of them 1000 consecutive days), with myself adding over 850 to the site, with about 600-700 consecutive booths.

I even managed to keep the uploads Daily while I was in India, wrestling with dodgy connections and travelling around the sub-continent. But, alas, this wasn’t to be as the site announced it’s closure at the end of last year, and gave us a few days to say our goodbyes before the site went to read only, and we were given slightly longer to pull all the data we could from the site.

But now the site is dead, and merely loads a page sitter whenever you try and visit the site. The site that was a record of my journey from weird sixteen year old who wasn’t fantastic at social situations to the still weird twenty year old who is slightly better in social situations. It saw me through AS Levels, A2’s, and my first two and a half years of University. Losing it was an annoyance among other difficulties, as I liked having this record to look back on. 


Once the site shut down I pretty much dropped out of daily-blogging. After the initial sadness passed, it felt somewhat liberating to be free of the self-imposed shackles of having to booth once a day. As much as I loved the community, and loved the site, having to get myself to some sort of computer to upload a picture meant that it was often a part of my planned day. When it was gone I stopped caring about and ignored any sort of commitment to updating my life anywhere. Though after a while I started becoming a little annoyed by not having this personal space where I could write what I wanted, for a limited audience. It was cathartic just to write stuff down, to have a continuous stream of my conciousness was such a nice privilege, and the site was very much a stream of my rambling conciousness.

I have a great inability to keep on topic for any length of time, instead just bouncing and switching between topics which I can only tenuously segue between. It wasn’t unusual to go from talking about the trials and tribulations of being a Physics student to discussing the socio-economic issues that lead to the London Riots within one blurb. Sometimes this a problem, but it can produce interesting reads (at times).

But I have clearly gone off on a tangent utterly irrelevant to what I was initially trying to talk about: the restarting of this blog. As I have lost this cathartic place to rant, chat shit, and just spew nonsense I have found myself becoming more ranty in person, and becoming more domineering in conversations, tying to weave conversation to what I want to talk about. All in all I feel that it’s starting to bother me that I don’t have somewhere to write, and I want to remedy that before it starts to become demonstrably problematic. So I am restarting this blog, kicking it back to life from stable, but critical condition.

I’m not entirely sure what I will fill this place with. Using it as a diary feels mostly irrelevant as this blog isn’t advertised as an insight into the person me, but instead into various aspects of myself. The same comes from using it purely as a political vox-box. The second you make your space very political you alienate a lot of people who would otherwise visit, but don’t want to be preached at, or completely disagree with you. 

As of this very moment, I have very little idea where this will end up, or where it will go, but I am looking forward to finding out. 

My intention is to update this daily, though I am unsure how that will pan out in the future. 2013 promises to be a pretty busy year. January throws a bunch of exams I am not entirely confident about, and then until June I have lectures and then my third year exams. The summer will throw whatever it can at me, and then I’ll come back in the new academic year for my final semester of lectures for my undergraduate degree. 

But I hopefully have a lot to discover, and change, this year. For most people on my degree this is their final year of University, meaning they have to go and try and enter the real world come June/July. I however get to drag on as a student for one year longer, and dodge paying tax for one more year, which lead to an interesting shift among my friends. I’ll also be moving houses and into a house filled entirely with my course-mates, something I haven’t done before either. And alongside all of that, some fantastic looking games are due to come out this year, along with some amazing looking films due this year, which will no doubt lead to a bunch of incessant ramblings once they suddenly provide with new clarity about how I perceive the world.

Hopefully this will work out in the long run, if not, I thank any of those who decided to check out what is going on at any point over the next year.