An Apology

I intend to keep this brief, so I will attempt not to ramble.

To initially explain, I was unaware that my settings automatically shared my published posts across various social networks. I haven’t published anything on here for several months, and with previous posts rarely attracting any attention I forgot that the settings were even configured that way. What was written was intended to be the musings of an individual attempting to comprehend chaos and confusion.

I have also learnt that my tone, a by-product of many years of exposure to such events, was cold and analytical. I am not going to attempt to justify the style and approach, but merely reiterate that there was no intent to upset, cause distress to, or get a reaction from anyone. 

I respected the wishes of those who made me aware of the mistakes (and those from the more official standings), and understand those who proceeded instead to refer to me by various repugnant characteristics. 

“Good judgement comes from experience, and experience comes from bad judgement” – Rita Mae Brown


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