Time Wasting, Not Time Killing

“Rule 406:You should always waste time when you don’t have any. Time is not the boss of you”

It has been ten days since I last updated this. Those ten days were the ten days in which I was undertaking my exams. I spent most of those days sat in the library, bashing my head through past papers and problem sheets trying to work out what I was doing in the exam that followed.

I did five in total: two which went well, two which I did as well as one could given the circumstances, and one which lies neatly in the middle. Though that is not my focus of this entry, as we have a rule among our friends to not talk about exams after they are done. It’s for our own sanity.

The topic I want to discuss is however I am really good at procrastinating, but awful at killing time. When I have something else, something important or worthwhile, to do I am fantastic at doing anything but that work. I can browse Reddit for hours, play games solidly for even longer times and happily cruise through YouTube. Take away that pressing deadline however, and become bored and my short attention span rips me a new one.

I have spent today trying to do anything that was unproductive. I have played about six different games today, only for an hour or two at a time because I couldn’t focus or enjoy them. I did a little bit of Dishonoured, some Binding of Isaac, GRiD, Dirt 2 and Symphony. I would play for a bit, get annoyed at a section and then lose interest. 

It may have something to do with how tired I am this morning, as I forced myself up early this morning to await for my laptops arrival and since then I have been tired all day, but I’ve noticed this phenomenon pretty much every time I have nothing else to do.

For some reason, boredom strikes me very quickly when my days are unstructured and I have little of need to do. I need to be doing something, or have done something otherwise I sit around utterly unstructured. My current solution is to try and be more productive with this week off, just to prevent me literally accomplishing nothing. 

And as a testament to my short attention span, I became massive distracted while trying to write this.


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