Am I Actually Returning?

A great quality of digital spaces is that if you leave them alone for a year, unlike the real world, they remain in pretty much the same state when you return. No cobwebs to dust away, no furniture to reposition and no creaking floorboards to avoid. It is a pleasant novelty of these spaces.

It also has the reverse effect in that there is no need to maintain these places with any forms of activity. Until you have an audience to satisfy, you are entirely motivated by your own whims and moods, and then at that point you have to wonder whether the content you produce is really yours.

Impressive. I can’t even stay on topic for the first two paragraphs. I’m back here, writing on a near dead page that I haven’t looked at for a very long time. So the question that you are clearly desperately looking for is: what would I rather be, a unicorn or a centaur?

The answer is obviously to be a unicorn.

But on the small chance that you were actually wondering why I am back, the answer is a little more convoluted.  When I look around at blogs out there on the net they tend to be focused around the narrative of the writer. Even when the content is about something completely separate to themselves it weaves a story around their experiences and observations. However, I use a multitude of various social networking sites to berate my poor followers with the random crap that goes on in my life. Twitter being mostly filled with my attempts to be witty, Facebook being mostly a collection of videos that make me look like some awful viral video hipster, and my Dailybooth being a day-by-day recollection of my life.

The main other purpose of most blogs is to express, defend or argue their position, and that is one of the reasons I am coming back. It has been about 15 months since I last posted here, and my opinions and views have changed quite a lot in that time. My core ideologies are pretty much the same (Atheist, Liberal, Anti-censorship) but a lot more have evolved into more substantial views.

I have become more knowledgeable about the LGBT community, and while I have always been supportive of their fight I have gained a truer insight into what goes on within members of the community. I’ve become a lot more aware of the terms of self-identity and how the correct use of pronouns works. I have also become a lot more combative of some of the more aggressive members of the community who throw ‘privilege’ around and act with huge hostility to anyone who is uninformed on the nuances of the trans* community and therefore use bi-genderality or pronouns incorrectly.

I’ve grown far more interested in economics and politics on the international playground, given the inherent interconnectedness of the world, the actions of any country will impact me. The same passion has lead me into a deeper vitriol for religion. The Religious Right, the fatwa’s and arrests made in the Islamic to prevent the free and unobstructed flow of ideas, and the continued view of countries around the world to prevent gay marriage, have all driven me deeper into the world of anti-theism. The passing of the late, great Hitchens more firmly solidified this position of mine and it has been a bizarre transition because I have to censor myself in public because I could rant for hours and hours about religion, and very few want to listen to it.

Most places I post don’t really allow me to rant so openly, or just ponder ideas because they are concordant to civil discussion. My Dailybooth is purely a journal of my life, and the responses on Facebook and Twitter are far too ‘gooby pls’ for any sort of mature discourse. This place will effectively be a notepad for the confusions of my mind that I try and write to solidify and work through.

The final reason for the return is that I am flying out to India in June, to work for three months on building semi-conducting nano-films. This in itself will be an exciting experience, and one that I hope to record in video and text to preserve the memory somewhat. But being in India will also put me away from my ‘home base’ with all the people that I usually chat and converse with. While I am sure the people that I will be working with will be fine people, to talk to them like a do with my friends will be unlikely. This place can act as a vent to the little trinkets of crap that are floating around in my head.

So I am back, maybe for a while, maybe not. I have decided that a philosophy of not expecting things to last, but instead enjoying them as they come, and not missing them when they don’t, has lead to a far more zen existence. But I have University examinations right now, and will be occupied with them until the end of May, so this may have not been the best time to try and restart this blog’s activity.



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