Why FNG Will Succeed

To those of you unaware about what FNG I am referring to, it is the podcast hosted by Verbal1781, LarryLegend and MrITryHard, with their name coming from the acronym which stands for Fucking New Guy (as those three are some of the new guys in the YouTube community). And now that is clarified I’ll move on to my main point, why it will succeed.

The YouTube community is tough to break in to. Established users, directors and producers dominate the front page, the recommended videos and are able to push their videos viral purely due to their large fan base. Shawn Dawson and Ray William Johnson regularly get three times as many views as they have subscribers, as their core fanbase push the video to be the most viewed, discussed and rated that day. Their 1 million strong subscriber base are able to do this, so when you are trying to start off from zero subscribers, it can be hard to even get noticed.

The Call of Duty community of which the aforementioned Directors, and I, reside is a slightly smaller community (with around 300,000 active members and 800,000 registered) but makes up for it with the massive over saturation of directors and commentators. The number of directors is speculated to be approaching the one thousand marks, you have a lot of people producing the same content trying to break out as something different. Many people have succeeded and grown from small to huge but these cases are the exception rather than the rule. To pluck an example out of the air I will mention the user Seananners.

Seananners is a Call of Duty Commentator and Director who is an incredibly skilled player, with a history of graphical design and art, and with a polite and pleasent demeanor to boot. He joined the scene a little behind the times, but due to his unique presentation (a distinct voice and graphical overlay) he broke through. However, the main root to his excess (and what I will bring up in why FNG will succeed) was his ability to network. He had such a friendly precense and was putting so much work in that those with bigger channels helped him, and his ability to network was the key to his success.

And this networking, is how you succeed anywhere in life, but is equally effective on YouTube. To gain subscribers you need to get some exposure of someone with more subscribers. The problem with this is that there are only a few members with lots of subscribers, and there are loads with very few. The standard among the Call of Duty community is for you to have a chat together in one of the videos, but getting one of these is difficult and unlikely to happen. However, the brilliance of FNG is that it turned their requests from a situation which would ascertain that they were purely looking for subscribers, to a situation where they can chat. They completely turn the tables on the guest.

In these dual commentaries the big channel basically gives the smaller guy five to ten minutes to sell himself. In the case of the Podcast the big channel comes to the small guy and tells them about himself. The situation works in bringing subscribers as those from the large channel will be drawn to hear their commentator, but will instead hear a group conversation where the members of FNG sell themselves as someone they wish to hear more from, by their general personality.

The entire set-up is an incredibly clever way to gain more exposure, produce more entertaining content, grow themselves as personalities and network throughout the community. Whether these were fully their intentions is by the by as they are producing entertainment content, they are growing a loyal fanbase (checking their live stream during their show each week indicates an increasing amount of returning listeners) which all in all is good for their channels.


I for one love the podcast and would like to take this final to both congratulate the three guys for their work and advertise the links to their content

Website: http://fng.podbean.com/


3 thoughts on “Why FNG Will Succeed

  1. MrITryHard says:

    FNG was made for two purposes; 1. To gain exposure and to grow our individual channels
    and 2. To have some fun with and meet some really cool people.

    So far i can safely say that these 2 goals have been largely surpassed, the FNG podcast has grew to become top 5 gaming podcasts on podbean with a subscriber base smaller than 6K . It amazes me the success this podcast has had over the last month or so and I can only imagine what lies for us in the near future.

    Thanks for taking a small part of every Sunday to hang with us on the stream, it is very much appreciated!


  2. Stewart says:

    I have enjoyed every last bit of fng. Sadly I’ve only made it to the livestream once which was on a saturday (I’m from UK), but I always listen to them on podbean. Great quality videos and can’t wait to see more.

  3. Verbal says:

    I’m humbled you took the time to write such an in depth analysis of what we’re doing and I appreciate what a nice way you put it all! Thanks for being a loyal subscriber man!


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