Homoeopathic Logic

A homoeopathic expert (I know, calling someone an expert in that field is more damaging to the name expert than the term Apple Genius is to the term genius) has claimed that water has memory, in the form of remembering a chemical that was in it at one point, because the brain is 80% water and the brain remembers things.

Fantastic, and to show the idiocy and stupidity in that statement let us use their logic and apply it to some other statements.

  • Tap dancers are 80% water, so water can tap dance (suggested by Robin Ince)
  • Physicists are 80% water, so water can do physics.
  • Soldiers are 80% water, so water is combat trained in weapon skills and tactics

You could literally go on for hours with these. Homoeopathic Consultants are dangerous, and should be banned due to the misinformation they spread. They are as bad as the religiously indoctrinated.

This has only been a short post because I just wanted to get my opinion and condemnation of the practise into the public arena.



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