Everyone seems to be talking about all the amazing things that have happened this year and all the amazing people they have met, so as usual I will approach it from a different angle.

For me, 2010 was nothing special as far as years go. From January until July I was working for my A2 exams, which turned out to be a pointless venture as I missed out on my place by the smallest of margins. I then spent the summer working a menial job in a supermarket which I despised from the first second until the last. It was a horrible place to work and wouldn’t wish that fate upon anyone.

And then I came to University, which while being a massive change, and one I have quite enjoyed, it was nothing massively special. Maybe it just hasn’t dawned on me the magnitude of what I am doing here and the fact that I am, too an extent, independent.

This year has just felt like a year I had to get through, to jump through certain hoops on the obstacle course that is life.

Maybe I haven’t realised what this year has given me, maybe I don’t appreciate the events of the year yet. I don’t know. Either way I am probably the stereotypical pessimist.

But more importantly, what do I want from 2011? Truthfully, nothing really special. I’d like a year where things go in my favour, but I know that real men make their own luck, so I will have to work on that myself. A year is a long time that can pass far too quickly if you don’t stop to look at it. I lost 2010 to that problem, so I don’t want to lose 2011 to the same issue. Currently my priorities are very short term, which mainly involve finding a house for next year and passing the exams in three weeks. Beyond that I have no real aspirations for this year, except to carry on blogging (as expressing myself in text is rather cathartic) and to try and go a whole 365 without missing a booth on DailyBooth.



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