Faith Hasn’t Touched You Yet

That simple phrase may have been a contributing factor to my loss of house mates for next year, and the inability of some to realise how offensive that is an expression.

I live in a house of different faiths, mainly a split between Christians and Atheists, and to me I don’t find it gets in the way. We have the occasional discussion about it but we try and keep it friendly. I don’t exert my views as strongly as I can, I merely present my evidence with the inference that it shows a Godless universe, but never the direct denouncing of a God.

However, during a discussion, which I think may have been over Facebook chat which ended coming up in JC’s was the line that said something along the lines of ‘Faith just hasn’t touched you yet.’ You may see this as a relatively harmless, maybe misinformed statement to be made but to me it is incredibly offensive. As it implies that I am just wrong.

I don’t mind discussing religion as a topic as I am really passionate about the subject. I am a lot more angry at the Church then I let off, the anger I express in my blogs and posts is just the tip of the iceberg, but I choose not to express it as I hold a view of mutual agreement. I don’t like having your religion shoved down my throat, so I won’t shove my views upon you. So when I get a chance to discuss it in an intellectual way I really enjoy it, the chance comes up far too infrequently. Though when I discuss I generally expect some sort of standard discussion, as follows with most topics. Someone presents a point, usually with evidence to support it, then the opposer presents information to counter that claim, and usually throws in an additional claim on top of it, and this continues until a decision is made to finish it.

I enjoy that as, in my opinion, I am relatively educated on the topic and I am able to generally construct my argument into what is usually a coherent series of statements. The statement in the title defeats the whole point of the argument. It basically says ‘You can present as much information as you like, you can explain it as greatly as you want, to point out the fallacies and hypocrisies but you are wrong, because you are.’ And from a person who is hoping to make a career out of being able to argue this poor, and offensive to me.

I am still annoyed at this whole situation, and I am not sure what the ultimatum will be.


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