Nearly Home Time

The time is nearly upon, it is nearly Christmas time.

But to be quite honest, I don’t care about the Christmas-ness of this holiday as this will be the first time I have been since I left for University in September. I’ve been here two and a half months which is both a long time and not that massive a period of time.

It’s a long time as it is the longest I have been away from home, though the time has flown by. I’ve been exceptionally busy and weeks disappear into nothing as the workload, while allowing down time does act like a constant onslaught. It also feels like a long time, the house mates I love with seem like guys I have been friends with for ages, and the friends I am making in my class are good friends.

But then it hasn’t been all that long. I’ve only really started getting into the stride of University life and all that it brings along with it. I’ve only really started making friends within my class. There are few guys I have been friendly with since the start but proper friendships are only just starting.

But at home is my old life, my life before I disappeared to University. My family, friends and home town. That life seems like a past life, and I really am looking forward to meeting everyone again. I am not sure how it will make me feel though. I haven’t really felt like I am at University yet, will seeing my old friends suddenly make me remember I have indeed moved to different school and city or will it just make me regress to those times.

But Christmas will not be massively fun as I have exams in January. Thank Swansea



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