Murphy’s Law

Most days, I bring my laptop, or some work with me to University. I do this because most days I have an hour between a lecture and while I am University I am able to get some work done with the distractions of going and then being at home. Today however, I left in a hurry and packed purely the books I needed for the lessons I had.

The second ‘lecture’ of the day was my two hour problem class. This is a lesson where have a 30 minute lecture showing us how to do a mathematical process and then we spend an hour and thirty doing a series of maths questions. Today however, they had to put the questions together at the last minute due to the lecturer being ill all week. This meant it was really easy and most of us finished in 20 minutes or so.

This has left me with no real work to do so instead I’ve sat and read my notes over to be doing something.

The one day where I didn’t bring any work, is the only day I’ve really had a chance to do any. Damn you Murphy!


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