Intelligent Design ≠ Creationism


I recently discovered a YouTuber by the name of Thunderf00t who has a series called ‘Why People Laugh At Creationists‘ which was quite an interesting watch. The premise is that he takes the claims of famous Creationist or Intelligent Design advocates such as FangVenomX, Nephilimfree, Kent Hovind and Casey Luskin, and simply explains why the fundamental ‘science’ they talk about or the hypothesis they propose are flawed.

At first it was amusing, watching Hovind claim things such as his explanation for the ‘Great Flood’ which was basically (though I strugged to get my head around it due to it not obeying any scientific understanding) a huge amount of ice fell to Earth and caused the rise in water, but some ice followed the magnetic field lines and ended up at the poles and somehow some of ended up in the rings of Saturn (I am probably butchering his explanation but the whole series of events was completely illogical). There was also some proposterous claims from FangVenomX (who will be forth known as PCS which is shorthand for Posterboy for Creationist Stupidity) that there is not a speck, not even a single molecule of water outside of Earth. Despite most of the systems having water present, and most of the Jovian moons are mostly water by mass. Then the amusement disappeared, very quickly.

It firstly moved towards anger. Complete frustration at the ignorance and hate they were spewing without any real understanding of the subject matter. Quote mining and taking things completely out of context in an attempt to poorly back up their argument. Blatantly ignoring the evidence presented to them and then making their own conclusion on what their religious text says. It is just frustrating to show them pages and pages of examples of speciations, show them how radio-dating work and allow them to make the calculation themselves, and even then they throw it all away as it disagrees with some little book, and some even say we live in a Geocentrist Universe.

But after the anger, it changed to just being upset. Somewhere along the line they were failed. Brainwashed to ignore the physical evidence and only accept what is written in a book, a book of man. I have no problem with people being religious, even though I despise the very concept of religion, as long as they are able to accept evidence and change to agree with it.

The Vatican itself now obviously accepts a heliocentric Solar System and a Universe which is independent to the movement of Earth. It also accepts evolution as the factual concept (with obvious accepted matters of debate among the scientific community about pace which mainly relates to theory of evolutionability which was put forward by evolutionist biologists a decade or two ago to explain why some species speciate and evolve quicker than others do, and mechanisms such as epigenetics) because the evidence was presented to the church, and it realised the denying this new knowledge in the wave of overwhelming evidence retarded the growth of knowledge within it’s community of about one billion members.

If the Vatican, the church which used to power and sway to ban the production of any media that went against their idea of geocentrism for far too long, can accept the new evidence, then anyone who hasn’t is lagging far behind. For interpreting the Bible literally is agreed among Christian scholars to be flawed due to the basis of its original language. Hebrew to Greek to English has led to errors in meaning. Hebrew for days, as said in genesis is actually a reference to a period of time, and the same with 40 which actually just refers to a period of time (which is why it appears over and over in the Bible).

Fundamentalism is flawed, outdated and accepted as ridiculous. It is the single greatest threat to America and in my opinion, one of the most dangerous resurgences in the last 50 years.



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