Day Trip to Cardiff

On Saturday night, after a chat on Skype, I decided to head off to Cardiff the next morning. There was a reason however, as I went to visit my friend from school Dan.

It was a good little adventure that broke what would have otherwise been a very lazy Sunday. A £6 return ticket got me to Cardiff and back (though I could have got back without a ticket as there was no one checking for tickets and the barriers were offline) where a spent the day catching up and playing video games.

Though it may seem like a little thing, because I didn’t bring my PS3 down to Swansea with me, just an hour or two of gaming is incredibly relaxing and fills you with old memories of all the simpler times.

The whole of yesterday was just really nice as all the stresses and worries of University. While it is still relatively slow paced, the work is beginning to amass and become more frequent, and consuming more of my time.

So, all in all, the thing I can conclude from yesterdays adventure was that the old saying ‘It’s the little victories in life’ is true.


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