Work-Reward Contstants

I’m rocking this blog up in an half hour gap between work. I don’t even have that much work to do right now but I like to stick to this internal schedule ensure I keep working.

My current efforts mainly involve 45 minutes of work and 20-30 minutes break (depending on what I need to do during that break. For example, watching YouTube or checking Facebook only gets 20 minutes while cooking tea or lunch deserves the full 30 minutes) The breaks themselves always contain some kind of reward because, in the most basic of psychologies. Reward for hard work is basically positive conditioning.

This writing malarkey may not seem like a reward but it’s a relaxing way to turn the unorganised mess that is my inner monologue and turning it into a vaguely coherent series of words, it’s quite theraputic.

The work to reward ratio I have at the moment is proving mighty productive but I may have to switch it up during exams to get more work out of myself. Either way, I’ll update you as go.


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