Four Hour Labs

Mondays are a long day for me at University, despite only having one lecture. I instead suffer a four hour lab session. Grim.

It’s not that I mind having four hours of lectures in a row, I could even take more. It is just that four hours in one place, without moving, aimlessly trecking through a pretty monotonous experiment having to be recockulously pedantic with the layout and presentation of the results.

I’m hoping the experiments get a little more interesting because todays was just dull. I understand that the point of today’s experiment was not to uncover anything amazing but instead to learn about errors and the like, but that didn’t stop it being boring, broken and rubbish.

It was the experiment to find the acceleration of gravity using a pendulum. The equipment they gave us to hold the pendulum allowed periodic motion within the clamp, so we couldn’t measure the length of the string properly and it was dampening it in odd ways.

My lab session for tomorrow for Astronomy and Cosmology has been moved to Week 6 so I have tomorrow afternoon free so it should give me enough time to do my summation homework and visit Tesco and the market to pick up some more food.

I’ve gone nearly two weeks without out doing a proper shop so I need to pick some more food up so I can eat again.


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