Fresher’s Ball

Last night was Fresher’s ball which highlights the end of Freshers Fortnight here in Swansea and means the lessons are about to properly start (which reminds, I have a maths problem to deal with this afternoon).

To culminate a fortnight of events (which our house didn’t turn up to) there was the Freshers ball. I wasn’t particularly looking forward to it but I felt I had to turn up to at least one other event, and seeing as this was the big one it was probably the best one to turn up to. It did however mean I had to rush out to Primark and buy a suit but that’s a discussion for another time.

The Ball started at 8PM but our houses amazing promptness meant we rocked up not much after 9PM. The start wasn’t too bad with Radio 1’s Aled Jones attempt to excite the crowd but I don’t have much love for Aled (not that I have particular hate for him either, mind) and the only thing he was telling us was that Diane Vickers was coming on, which didn’t really thrill me.

A grime artist call Scorcher later came on and he wasn’t too bad. As far as MC’s go he was pretty at what he did, but one of my house mates wanted to get some cash so I accompanied him to the hole-in-the-wall to be a good friend. By the time we got back Diana Vickers was on stage and I couldn’t even hide my disappointment.

The music up to that had been pop, club or Top 40, basically something with a defined beat that people were bopping along to. Her style is more West End and Ballads which didn’t really fit with the night. Plus, she had come in what looked like her pyjamas, and considering she was the highest paid act there she should have least tried.

After she finished Aled came back on to tell us there was one more act, a DJ called Beat-ä-Maxx. I wasn’t expecting much because the night had been pretty average. Beat-ä-Maxx rocked up on to stage and set up his deck, I was going to issue the 3 songs rule about the quality of the DJ (if within the first three songs you are not impressed they are not going to get better) but something completely unexpected happened.

The voice over guy (from shows like X-Factor) reared his bold head on the two massive TV’s and informed us that everything we heard and saw was being sampled and mixed live. That instantly interested me because I had never heard of live video DJ’ing, and my interest did not fade for the whole hour and a half show.

He seamlessly mashed songs, video, TV, film, comedian’s stand up (this included Chris Rock and Micheal McIntyre who was talking about Swansea) and even adverts. It was seamless and incredibly impressive to watch and even had time half way through his show to break out moves like this.

All in all, the night was worthwhile just due to the last act. I recommend you check out his YouTube channel and website to see the stuff he does.


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